A simple game to illustrate our functional neuroimaging results exploring what happens to the brain under LSD.

The game involves walking around (using the mouse and arrow keys). Press "escape" for options to control the intensity of the psychedelic state, and how it alters the sensory experience. In the options, if you click the "randomise" button, it will give you a random set of settings.

The brain on the left changes its functional activity and connectivity depending on what you do (e.g., if you move, then "motor" regions of the brain become active and more connected). As the intensity of the psychedelic state increases, the overall connectivity of the brain increases; brain regions that aren't normally connected become more connected. This increase in connectivity alters the sensory (particularly, visual) experience.

(This is meant to be illustrative of some of our findings, rather than an accurate portrayal of LSD or of the brain).

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity

Install instructions

Choose the web version (works in Firefox); alternatively, download the standalone Mac or Windows versions. The game is about 100MB, so you may have to wait for it to download/load.


LSD and the Brain (Mac) 133 MB
LSD and the Brain (Windows) 162 MB


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